New member of the steering committee of PLANTPOPNET

Sergi Munné-Bosch has become a member of the steering committee of the international network PLANTPOPNET – A Spatially Distributed Model System for Population Ecology, directed by Prof. Yvonne Buckley

The aim is to construct a global network that allows us to understand populations shifts in response to global change, starting with Plantago lanceolata as a model system. 

The Antiox-Ecophys Team is collaborating to PLANTPOPNET with an Add-on Study entitled: “Is oxidative stress a proxy for mortality in Plantago lanceolata?” exploring the use of oxidative stress markers to predict the death of the individual. 

Distribution of PLANTPOPNET sites globally (n=53). Grey area is the geographic range of P. lanceolata as per GBIF, BIEN & Petitpierre et al. (2012). Points represent demographic studies in the Non-Native (yellow) and Native (orange) range of P. lanceolata. Genomic data (red) has been recorded at 38 sites. 



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