Top publications (Last 3 years)

1. Müller, M., Munné-Bosch, S. Hormonal impact on photosynthesis and photoprotection in plants (2021) Plant Physiology. Available Online. Read it here.

2. Muñoz, P., Cotado, A., Munné-Bosch, S. Transient photoinhibition and photo-oxidative stress as an integral part of stress acclimation and plant development in a dioecious tree adapted to Mediterranean ecosystems (2021) Tree Physiology. Available Online. Read it here.

3. Casadesús, A., Munné-Bosch, S. Holoparasitic Plant–Host Interactions and their Impact on Mediterranean Ecosystems (2021) Plant Physiology. Available Online. Read it here.

4. Munné-Bosch, S. Long-lived trees are not immortal (2020) Trends in Plant Science 25 (9) pp. 846-849. Read it here.

5. Cotado, A., Munné-Bosch, S. Distribution, trade-offs and drought vulnerability of a high-mountain Pyrenean endemic plant species, Saxifraga longifolia (2020) Global Ecology and Conservation 22, e00916. Read it here.

6. Muñoz, P., Munné-Bosch, S. Vitamin E in plants: Biosynthesis, transport and function (2019) Trends in Plant Science 24 (11), pp. 1041-1051. Read it here.

7. Morales, M., Munné-Bosch, S. Malondialdehyde: Facts and Artifacts (2019) Plant Physiology 180 (3), pp. 1246-1250. Read it here.

8. Fenollosa, E., Munné-Bosch, S.  Increased chilling tolerance of the invasive species Carpobrotus edulis may explain its expansion across new territories (2019) Conservation Physiology 7 (1), pp. 1-15. Read it here.

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