New publication: Hormonal Impact on Photosynthesis and Photoprotection in Plants

This January a new review article from the ANTIOX Team has been published in Plant Physiology. This first new year article is entitled Hormonal Impact on Photosynthesis and Photoprotection in Plants. Through multiple tables and very illustrative figures, this review presents the current knowledge on this issue and highlights the role of hormonal crosstalk in regulating multiple functions beyond stomatal closure, including redox signalling under optimal and stressful conditions.

It has been written by the two members of the ANTIOX Team Dr. Maren Müller and Prof. Sergi Munné-Bosch. Over more than a decade, our group has developed and improved a rapid and sensitive UPLC/ESI-MS/MS method to the simultaneous quantification of all known phytohormone classes, including: cytokinins, auxins, ethylene, gibberellins, abscisic acid, brassinosteroids, jasmonates, salicylic acid, and strigolactones.

Dr. Maren Müller is currently leading the research line from the ANTIOX Team of Interaction profiling of phytohormones, that focuses on the interaction and profiling of phytohormones to gain new insights into their function as signalling molecules regulating plant physiology, development and adaptation to environmental stimuli.

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