Final degree project defense by Lara Fuertes

This January 2021, Lara Fuertes is defending her Final degree project (TFG), which has been developed under the supervision of Dr. Marta Pintó-Marijuan (from the ANTIOX Team at the Universitat de Barcelona) and Dr. Aaron Pérez (from the Universitat de Vic), and in collaboration with the CREAF (Centre de Recerca Ecològica i Aplicacions Forestals).

Lara is studying Biology at the University of Vic and her TFG focuses on the physiological response of twelve Mediterranean species to drought stress and its recovery, including the comparison of a first and second stress period to evaluate the existence of memory processes. The results she has obtained will allow the definition of which species can tolerate drought stress and show a higher recovery capacity, but also describes the existence of physiological memory in some species, which will undoubtably contribute to a better understanding of the recurrent drought adaptation

Lara’s TFG defence will take place in the Universitat de Vic the 29th of January at 9.45h. We wish her the best in this defence and the following projects that this year will bring.

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