Final degree project defense of three Marine Sciences students

This June 2021, three students of the Marine Sciences Degree at the Geology Faculty: Cris Aldana, Sandra Rasero and Estrella Fernández are defending their Final Degree Project (TFG), which has been developed in the ANTIOX Team, under the supervision of Prof. Sergi Munné-Bosch and Andrea Casadesús.

The three students have developed different projects under the research line of Ecophysiology of marine and wetland plants exploring the diversity and stress responses of different marine and wetland plants, which will give more insight on the importance of those very rich ecosystems and understanding their response to stressors such as temperature extremes, which could help us to better understand the limits of these ecosystems and improve our management of vulnerable Mediterranean ecosystems. 

Cris Aldana developed a study entitled “Differences in drought and photo-oxidative stress markers in the Alismatales order”. Estrella Fernández study is entitled “Oxidative stress and Vitamin E function in Cymodocea nodosa under low temperatures”, and Sandra Rasero study is entitled “Tocochromanols in Cymodocea nodosa: effects of high temperatures and inter-individual variability”.

The TFG’s defence will take place in the University of Barcelona the 21th of June at 15h. We wish them the best in this defence and the following projects that this year will bring.

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